Are there any negative side effects to receiving broadcast intention?

There are no known side effects.

In Dr. Tillers experiments with hundreds of people, including autistic children, there were no reported side effects. In some experiments, people living in the same household that were not part of the directed intention noticed changes also.There have been no reported instances of other people in the household being negatively affected.

How long will it take for the intention to work?

The honest answer is that it depends.

In Dr. Tillers experiments, some subjects experienced changes within 24 hours of receiving a broadcast, and others in the same experiment did not notice changes until 6-9 months. While we don’t understand all the factors related to changes, we do know that if you pay attention to the areas of your life related to the intention, you are more likely to notice the changes.

Do I have to do something while I’m receiving the broadcast intention?

No. The intention puts information into your energy field, so there is nothing for you to do except notice changes in your life. Some have found it very helpful to keep a journal, so that it is easier to keep track of changes, but whether you journal or not, it will not alter the effectiveness of the intention.

Dr. Tillers research shows that changes first have to be in line with your soul-spirit, and for your highest good. For some, changes may start as you start receiving the broadcast, but for some, it could take 6 months to a year.

How do I track my progress?

If you are not noticing changes as a result of your broadcast intention, we suggest you take a few moments daily and track what is happening in the subject areas listed below.  Modify any of the areas to suit. Be aware of other areas too, as sometimes intentions make changes in unrelated areas that lead to the improvement in an area that we are looking for. Here is a simple form to help you focus and notice.  If you do this, be honest/candid. Use the following scale to candidly rate yourself daily at the same time.

         1 = Excellent, no change needed
         2 = Very Good, could improve but overall, I’m satisfied
         3 = Good, could improve
         4 = Fair, needs to improve
         5 = Poor, must improve

First Make An Initial Assessment Of Each Area You Wish To Measure

   Excellent    Very Good    Good    Fair     Poor  

Then Rate Yourself Daily In Each Area On A Scale Of 1-5 (example below)

   Week 1     Week 2      Week 3      Week 4       Continue         
 Relationships   5,4,4,5,5,4 4,4,4,4,3,4 4,4,4,3,4,3,4  3,3,4,3,2,3,3  
 Health m,t,w,t,f,s,s     

In addition to the ranking above, make a list of any positive changes you have experienced in your

  • Relationships (either within or outside your household members )
  • Health (improvement in symptoms, diet, exercise, etc.)
  • Memory (including attitudes, recall, etc.)
  • Career or work (including unexpected promotions, job offers, etc.)
  • Finances (including unexpected in-flows or resolutions of issues, etc.)

Include any other events worthy of recognition.

The above applies to your family/co-workers as well since, on a subtle energy level, they can sense changes you may not be aware of.

While it may seem a nuisance, this process can help you become more aware of desired changes in your life. 

Is there anything I can do to make my intention more effective?

Research shows you don’t need to do anything specifically.  However, if you want to be more actively engaged, you can journal, meditate with the intention, read the intention daily, or any other practice that you have done in the past when working with intention.

Past recipients have found it helpful to continue whatever practices they had in place before they started receiving the intention broadcast, such as meditating, prayer, journaling, etc.

How did Dr. Tiller and Suzy Miller decide to address Autism with intention?

In 2013, Suzy Miller, speech pathologist, teamed up with Dr. William Tiller, after meeting him in 2011 and having a conversation about her work with autistic children and his work with broadcast intention.  When they met next, they both were clear that they wanted to bring the benefits of broadcast intention to the energetically aware/sensitive children Suzy was working with.  They decide to work with the children at the level of changing their energetic space, to create a space that was conducive to them being here.

Dr. Tiller’s previous work proved that intentions can create meaningful alterations in the space around us, as well as within us. In previous experiments, the broadcast intention essentially “lifted” the space around the target of the intentions to a higher gauge symmetry, meaning a higher order of magnitude or more organized, more coherent. Lifting space to a higher order provides the basis for changing physical reality.

Suzy, in her work with the children and connecting psychically to their individual and collective consciousness, had begun to get information from them about new technologies and new ways that would support them in being present in their physical bodies. Suzy then began looking for someone who would be able to support the integration of children diagnosed with autism, and support them in their integration using a proven technology. The children also told her that she would not be able to support them in their integration outside their soul’s purpose. Suzy and Dr. Tiller had always worked with the understanding that changes would be aligned with the soul’s own purpose or own journey. So the structure of the intention for the children was that it was required that a changes be in alignment with, in concert with, the child’s own soul journey.

Does a child’s age make a difference in the ASD broadcast?

Most research indicates that if you start children in therapy from about age 3-5, you have a good chance of success. The fact that the children in our 2014 ASD broadcast experiment were 8-9 years old is huge, because most of the standard research indicates that in general not as much progress is made past the pre-school age.  But after some time we heard the older children and young adults report significant changes.  What we saw is that standard research has its particular vantage point, and that vantage point is not as relevant in our broadcasting technology — what we saw was that kids can become more integrated, they became more present, more verbally interactive and more communicative, at whatever age, provided they had the right energetic space to do that.

It was surprising to us that speech and language were among the first things to change in our study. Experiment organizers thought that communication would be the last thing to improve because it is complicated. It takes a lot of personal integration to move from non-verbal to verbal, or less verbal to verbal. This told researcher Suzy Miller that “the kids do want to be here, they do want to show up, they want to share who they really are, according to their soul’s purpose.”

Why didn’t my doctor or therapist tell me about this?

The idea that you can help someone be more comfortable, functional, communicate better and thrive in society by integrating the energy field is a very new awareness.  The first studies on this were published in the International Journal of Healing and Caring in January, 2022. Dr. Tiller said:

“In the last big epoch change, a century later Descartes made a statement that thought could not influence a target.  It took two centuries before science was accepted. The same thing is happening today—orthodox science will not even look at the papers or the science behind this work.  It seems to be a human thing to get stuck in a box, and difficult to shift out of that box—like the scientists today stuck in the distance time box.”

Nothing is happening—what can I do?

There is nothing for you to do— this is one of the mysteries about intention that we don’t fully understand. Consider putting a copy of your intention in a prominent place where you expose yourself to it regularly. Learn to meditate or at least sit in silence in a quiet place for 15 minutes daily. The bottom line is that patience is the most useful thing here.

Cool things are happening—where can I tell you about it?

Yes, we want to hear about your experiences– please send an email to

What is Psychoenergetic Science?

Psychoenergetic Science is the expansion of today’s orthodox science and orthodox medicine to include human consciousness in the form of human intention as a very significant thermodynamic variable in the domains of physical reality and higher dimensional realities.

It expands previous science to include aspects of human emotion, mind or spirit. Since none of the human qualities of consciousness, intention, emotion, mind or spirit, etc., appear to be distance/time-dependent, according to our normal expectations, their behavior cannot possibly fit the internal self-consistency requirements of orthodox science.  Thus, psychoenergetic science has chosen a particular duplex (two) reference frame, consisting of two, reciprocal spaces, one of which is distance/time (D-space) while its reciprocal space gives us a way to understand both aspects of nature. This work has culminated in clearly distinguishing what we have labeled psychoenergetic science from today’s orthodox science. This is a science that includes human consciousness in the form of specific intentions as a significant experimental variable in the study of nature. Thus, it is a simple but profound expansion of both (1) the parameters of today’s orthodox science and (2) the larger reference frame needed for studying substantially more of nature’s manifold expressions.

What is the Tiller Model?

The Tiller Model suggests a new reference frame; nature has two levels of physical reality, not one. In addition to our conventionally understood space-time reality (D-space), there is another reciprocal reality (R-space). R-space can be viewed as the empty space between the electrical particles that make up our normal electric atoms and molecules. It is this R-space which is embedded in an overall reality consisting of the domains of emotion, mind, and spirit and which is significantly influenced by human consciousness, specifically intention.

What can a programmed intention device be used for?

From our research we know that broadcast intention makes an impact on depression, anxiety, self-compassion, autism, the chemical composition of water, liver enzymes, and the hormones of the fruit fly. One critical success factor is that the intention must be aligned with a soul’s higher purpose and cannot be used for harmful purposes.

We can support anything that enhances a soul’s purpose in his lifetime. But we don’t want to inhibit free will.  It’s really disruptive to take away the freedom of choice from individuals, because it is our view that personal, spiritual and emotional growth comes from making choices. And as humans, we all need to grow.

Dr. Tiller says “Everything we have tried works to some degree, and we can enhance every technology and process today with humankind. I think we have ahold of something that ultimately could change medicine’s yield of success and the cost of medicine to a nation.”

To date our efforts have been privately funded and funded from donations to the Tiller Foundation. If you are interested in working with us to fund a new intention and target, please contact Cindy at

Can you do a custom broadcast for me and the things I want to address with intention?

Yes. We have a process to understand your needs and to determine if we think we can construct an intention to assist you.  Remember, all our research is based on people receiving the broadcast intention for 12 months. Some receive it longer.  This is not a quick fix for an immediate issue and there are no iron-clad guarantees.  We are at the beginning of our understanding of this new science, and we need more data to draw more specific conclusions.

For example, we had a gentleman years ago who had debilitating arthritis and received an intention broadcast for two years. It didn’t seem to help him.  Three years after the broadcast ended, he woke up one morning and the arthritis was gone—his physicians called it “spontaneous remission” but couldn’t explain it. The gentleman attributed his “spontaneous remission” to the two years of intention broadcasts that he received. At this point we can’t explain it either, but we can document that it happens, and hopefully, in the future, we will understand enough to be able to explain occurrences like it.

How did Dr. Tiller come up with the device?

After much experimentation, Dr. Tiller created a device that could change the properties of physical things and could change the properties of a space. He first experimented with water, then enzymes, each success encouraging him to try broadcast intention from the device with a new target subject. Today, The Tiller Foundation still conducts experiments to test a wide range of target subjects.

Is the device really necessary?

Yes, in today’s world it is, but someday we will evolve and do this all ourselves. The interesting difference between the intention device and other forms of intention is that the device is consistent in broadcasting the same information 24/7. There is no other form of intention (that we know of) that does this.

How do I use the UED?

The UED device is designed in such a way that your specific intention is imprinted into the device through a meditative state. Once you have gone through the imprinting process and have “embedded” or imprinted your intention into the device, then the IHD is placed in a location that suits your situation. In general, the location should be relatively undisturbed. Many have placed it under their beds or in their office closet. Once placed, plugged in and turned on, then your intention will be broadcasting within your space to you – and at the same time, your space becomes “conditioned” to a higher frequency level. Our testing shows the range of the conditioning of space to be a minimum of 25 direct feet.

How do I imprint the UED?

Imprinting instructions are sent with the purchase of your UED.

Choose the intention you wish to use.

Carefully create your intention statement, being specific and write it out. Feel free to use the language provided with your instruction brochure.

Schedule an imprinting session where you (and others who might be joining you) can be free of interference, and in a quiet space. We usually use 4-6 experienced meditators to imprint a device.

Once your imprinting team is assembled together, plug in and turn on the UED, and then start the session by dropping into a deep and quiet state of mindfulness/meditation.

Become coherent together by joining at the heart level in whatever way you wish. Such as starting with slow deep breaths together. “Breathing through the heart” is a powerful way of connecting. Talk to your imprinting team and agree on the best way for you all to connect at the heart.

Become quiet for a few minutes and feel the connection with each other and with your guides.

Slowly read your intention statement out loud.

Hold the intention statement for 20 to 30 minutes, or whatever feels good to you. Everyone has their own way of doing this – many like to visualize the specific intention’s outcome. Also, you can visualize the intention being “downloaded” or embedded into the device. There is no right or wrong way, and if you feel yourself losing focus, bring your attention back to the imprinting, connect with your group and continue.

Intention comes from the emotion domain, so focusing on your heart with love is very powerful in the session.

When you feel this part of the intention session is complete, then end with a statement such as “Thy Will Be Done”.

Sit quietly for a few moments and then begin the sealing part of the session.

Quietly read the sealing statement out loud (words are in the brochure sent with the device) and sit for a few minutes with this intention.

When you feel this part of the session is complete, then end with “Thy Will Be Done” or your chosen phrase.

Your session is complete. Turn off the IHD and place it where you wish to begin broadcasting your intention into the space.

Who can benefit from the device?

Your intention can benefit yourself or other people/animals as long as the intention is for the highest good and in alignment with that individual’s permission; and “consistent with their soul’s purpose for this particular lifetime’s experience” which is the final statement written by Dr Tiller that The Tiller Team uses. We encourage you strongly to add this language to your intention.

What is the difference between the UED and the IHD?

The UED or un-imprinted electronic device is the small electric box that has not been imprinted with an intention. The IHD or intention host device is the UED that now has an intention embedded, or imprinted into it.

How long will my embedded intention last?

Typically three to six months. Dr Tiller’s research team re-imprinted their IHDs every three to six months. You might try dowsing or muscle testing to see when you need to re-imprint. If in doubt, after 3 months re-imprint. It won’t hurt your device or the effectiveness of your intention.

When do I turn it on?

Turn the device on at the beginning of your imprinting session. Then after you have imprinted the device, place the device in your chosen location, turn it on and leave it running. Many people have it under their bed or in their offices. If you have to transport it someplace, wrap it tightly in aluminum foil to shield if from other energies

Where can I imprint the UED?

Select a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed. Perhaps a quiet room with the door closed. Don’t play music during the imprinting, even if you usually do when you meditate.

Where should I place the IHD once it’s been imprinted with my intention?

That is up to you. Many people have their device turned on and under their bed, in their office closet or in their meditation space.

Can I share my IHD with someone else who’s in a different location?

Your device has your own specific intention imprinted into it therefore it’s not advisable to share your imprinted IHD with another. However, your intention may be for another person (with their permission) and could be broadcast to them from your location. OR you could imprint the device for them and take it to their location for operation. If this is so, then make sure you include their specific physical address in your intention statement. Dr Tiller’s IHD research has shown much success with this broadcasting method.

Also, Dr Tiller’s research has shown that the intention will decay after 3 to 6 months so you may share your device with another after you feel that your intention has sufficiently decayed. Some people have effectively used dowsing rods to check if their device is active or not.

What was Dr and Mrs Tiller’s imprinting technique?

Bill and Jean Tiller refined the imprinting session after decades of research and revealed the technique that they developed to everyone who sincerely wished to know it. Their intention session and intention creating process is exactly the same as the instructions provided in this FAQ and in the instruction brochure that is sent with the UED purchase.

How often do I imprint the device?

Dr Tiller’s research has shown that the intention will decay after 3 to 6 months so it is recommended that your device be re-imprinted every 3 to 6 months with the same intention. It is important not to completely change your intention but you may decide to refine/tweak your intention at the time you re-imprint.

Who can imprint a device?

Anyone who has a sincere intention and wishes for a positive outcome. Having a familiarity with meditation, mindfulness and techniques for quieting inner thoughts, is very helpful.

Is there any research/data on the IHD?

Many years of research into the effects of intention on physical reality have been conducted by Dr. Tiller and his team. You can access many of them in Dr. Tiller’s White Papers.

Did Dr Tiller use a device when doing his intention research?

Dr Tiller and his research team used the same device that you have purchased. After working with this device for several years, testing and modifying it as he went, he arrived at the design that is being sold today.

Access the Imprinting Handbook here.

What is a “conditioned” space?

Conditioned space refers to a higher electromagnetic gauge symmetry state and it is created by the energy/frequencies of the IHD within that space. The space becomes more coherent. Dramatic examples are the great cathedrals of Europe where, over centuries the space is conditioned to a very high degree by all the people who visit and hold prayerful intentions in such a space. This kind of sacred space feels very different compared with say, the space of a café or crowded space.

Read Dr Tiller’s Paper here.

Can the IHD be moved?

Yes, it can be moved if you relocate, for instance. However, if you plan to remain in your space it’s always best to leave the device in one location so that space becomes conditioned to a finer frequency/higher gauge symmetry environment.

Did Dr Tiller create a manual or handbook for imprinting?

Yes, you can access the “Imprinting Handbook” here.

Can I return the unused device if it is defective?

Yes, within the warranty period as stated in the warranty that accompanies your device.

Can I return a used device that has been imprinted?

The Tiller Foundation cannot accept your returned used/imprinted devices.