The Power of Intention

A science-based process for manifesting intention backed by decades of research in Physics, Metaphysics and Parapsychology


Create meaningful change in your life with a broadcast intention

Backed by years of research in the fields of Metaphysics and Parapsychology, we offer a process that puts science into setting intentions.

Whether you are suffering from a physical illness or seeking clarity for a big decision, we can broadcast an intention to create meaningful change in your life.

See how Intentions have helped others just like you!

After you mentioned that participants are creating more order in their lives I though I would mention to you that I collected 6 large bags of stuff to give to Good Will. The interesting thing is that I gave clothes away that were still very good – I had a new thought: there is no LACK.

– L.G

My car broke down the other day – I had just joked with my son about the car getting old… I was by the side of the road and it was miserably hot. Then I thought – well, IT IS WHAT IT IS. I noticed that I was not drowning in overwhelm, it was a bit strange because…I was not trying to keep it together; I just DID.

– C.C.

I have been getting things done. My procrastination has decreased tremendously. I go through the day of being more organized … It’s not who I used to be at all.

– K.K.

For the first time I planted flowers on the patio – a way to nurture myself. To my surprise, my husband (not in the study) bought me a necklace. When I asked why he got it for me he said because I was happier. He then hung out on the patio with me and my gardening friend – he never does that.

– D.K.

Everything I was fretting about yesterday has fallen into place. Nothing has changed – just my thoughts have calmed down and I see things in perspective. It’s really lovely how I moved through it so quickly. It feels natural now, however it has not always been like this.

– M.S.

I admit I was skeptical (very skeptical) at first, but I think I have become more open minded now that I have experienced change.

– A.N.


Learning About Intentions

We don’t have to understand how the energy and Power of Intention works any more than we have to understand how the internet works in order to make it work for us.

Let’s go over a few concepts that will enable you to use the Power of Intention with greater effectiveness. We’ll start with exploring the interplay between thought and intention.


From thought to intention

If we observe our mind we will find that the thoughts are never ending, and bounce from one topic to another. We want to be rich or beautiful or healthy, live in a mansion and even have world peace. Yet how many of these thoughts become a reality in our daily lives. A great teacher once said that the difference between a novice and a master is that the master always chooses the same thing.

When we sharply and persistently focus our thought, it becomes intention. That is the service we provide! Put another way, ‘intention’ compared to ‘thought’ is like comparing a laser beam to a lightbulb. While they are both light, one can cut though steel and the other illuminates the room.

What makes these intentions so much more powerful is that they are extremely focused. Dr. Tiller discovered how to make our intentions a reality. He’s given us a way to experience — 24/7 and as easy as breathing air— the “laser-power” of the extremely-focused intentions we most desire. What do you most desire for your life right now?

Infinite possibilities are all around you

The universe is one of infinite possibilities! Every possibility available to you is already divinely placed into your circumstances, just waiting for you to make a choice. Your responsibility is to see and act on the possibilities you desire!

Once you are focused on the possibilities you’d like to have come into your life, you need to seek out opportunities to make them real. Possibility plus opportunity is what results in your new reality. Both are activated by the Power of Intention.

Ask for what you will. The best thing you can do is ask for the greatest good for your health, relationships, prosperity, purpose…for all the circumstances in your life and for those you care about!

One more thing we all need to look at. This is not something that will magically produce what you ask for while you’re just sitting around. It helps tremendously if you participate as much as possible so you are more likely to find what the universe has for you. While you don’t really have to “do” anything, it helps immensely to focus on your desired changes and expand your world, perhaps starting by changing old habits and thought patterns. The key point is…begin mentally moving in your desired direction.

How the Power of Intention works

If we are honest we all know how hard it is to focus on any one thing for very long. We are constantly bombarded by the media, work, family and just daily living. The distractions are so profound that it is easy to be overwhelmed.

Fortunately, what took much of Dr. Tiller’s time and devotion was learning how to build a bridge for us between our desires and our realities. He understood how an intention can cause a desired outcome to become real. By studying how this mind-energy works, Dr. Tiller came up with very clear directions for maximizing the power of our intentions.

Dr. Tiller found out that how an intention is worded is critical to the energy it sends out. Words have energy. Any of us who have labored for hours over a love letter or difficult email know what that’s all about! So a great deal of time and work goes into ensuring that the expression of the intention out to the universe is done reverently, humbly and with expectation.

Sometimes we need help to access this power

The next step is what makes even we who work in this field shake our heads in awe over what is possible. We all know the ”inter-net” invisibly connects everything to everything. We can’t imagine not having access to it. But far more awesome is that humans have always had access to a natural built-in “energy-net” that connects our minds to all that is. That connection is so powerful that, through focused intention, it can literally shape our circumstances to our highest benefit.

Most of us, however, need help to access that connection. Using a highly trained team, Dr. Tiller discovered a way to imprint this powerful energy. This technology can deliver focused intention energy to you 24/7!

That was fortunate, because with all the stress and distractions going on in our lives, none of us are able to constantly focus on our intentions, even the ones we deeply care about. That’s where this ability to send out a specific intention on our behalf using Dr. Tiller’s technology comes in. Think of it as your personal intention generator, never getting tired, always sending your intentions out into the universe for you! 24/7/365!

How does an intention get from one place to another?

Here’s where it gets really interesting. How does a thought or an intention get from one place to another? You’ve likely experienced this many times, though you may chalk it up to “coincidence.” For example, someone you were just thinking about phones you. Two minds somehow connect over space and one takes action. Or have you ever been in a conversation and in response to what the other person said, you replied: “I was just thinking the same thing.” How did that happen? Perhaps you were given the wrong seat assignment on a plane only to discover an amazing connection with the new seat mate? It wasn’t the “wrong” seat after all.

The same invisible channels that made those connections possible are how our thoughts get out to the universe. Yet remember that an intention is just a focused thought. Thought and intention power are even more amazing than the internet. We went from wire to wireless. Now we can go from the internet to the field that connects all of the universe. That means we can be “in tune” with all energy, “the great power” that Nicola Tesla talked about.

This intention broadcasting methodology has been repeatedly proven both by us and by other scientists. Intentions have been sent and received between various laboratories around the world with measurable and repeated results.


Explore Our Subscriptions

When you purchase an intention subscription for yourself or someone else, we broadcast it for you. All you need to do is wait and pay attention to powerful changes as they come!

Physical Health

This intention applies to any desire you have for a healthier and stronger physical circumstance regardless of a specific challenge you are facing. It is developed around what is the greater good for your total physical wellbeing. It may sound strange to put it this way, but your intention will know what to do.

Mental Health and Better Memory

This intention applies to any desire you have for healthier, happier mental wellbeing and for better, more reliable memory. It focuses on reducing stressful psychological challenges we all can have as well as on memory issues so many face especially as they get older.

Financial Abundance and Prosperity

This intention is not about greed! It applies to any desire you have for greater and more sustainable financial wellbeing. Prosperity should not be thought of as a “lesser” intention, since financial needs can often stir up physical and mental issues. Your greater good, financially, is the focus here.

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The Intention Host Device

If none of these intentions meet your need and you would like to design and imprint your very own intention, we offer an Unimprinted Electrical Device (UED) as a powerful way to manifest your own personal intention into physical reality. You can order one now.

The Unimprinted Electrical Device (UED) is a powerful way to manifest your intention into physical reality. We invite you to explore our work with the device and learn more about how it operates:

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