Two Intentions



The intention for Physical Health

This will apply to any desire you have for a healthier and stronger physical circumstance regardless of what specific challenge you are facing. The intention is formed around what is the greater good for your total physical well-being. It may sound strange to put it this way, but your intention will know what to do.


The intention for Mental Health and Better Memory

The intention for mental health and better memory. This will apply to any desire you have for healthier and happier mental well-being and also for better, more reliable memory. There may be many personal reasons why this intention is what you desire. It focuses on stressful psychological challenges we all can have as well as on memory issues so many face especially as they get older.


The intention for Financial Abundance and Prosperity

This intention will apply to any desire you have for greater and more sustainable financial well-being. This intention is not about greed! Prosperity should not be thought of as a “lesser” intention, since financial needs can often stir up physical and mental issues. Your greater good financially is the focus here.