Physical Health Intention

This will apply to any desire you have for a healthier and stronger physical circumstance regardless of what specific challenge you are facing. The intention is formed around what is the greater good for your total physical well-being. It may sound strange to put it this way, but your intention will know what to do. (more below)

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This Physical Health broadcast is intended to exponentially expand robust wellbeing of the physical body and proper functioning of the physical organism. It intends to minimize any physical/mental/spiritual/emotional conscious or subconscious self-limiting or self-sabotaging beliefs or actions that interfere with the attainment of exceptional and high-functioning physical health so recipients may flourish in their physical bodies to:
  • Always choose a balanced, healthy diet and feed their physical bodies what they need to thrive
  • Significantly optimize and nurture their microbiome for healthy balance
  • Instill in their subconscious - attitudes and actions that fully support normal healthy conditions for, and operation of, all systems of the body
  • Eliminate, through normal channels, any conditions that prevent or inhibit the physical body from being and becoming a perfectly normal, perfectly healthy, perfectly optimized and perfectly functioning organism
  • Develop and maintain healthy skin, clear eyes and steady vision
  •  ... and much more.