Mental Health and Better Memory Intention

The intention for mental health and better memory. This will apply to any desire you have for healthier and happier mental well-being and also for better, more reliable memory. There may be many personal reasons why this intention is what you desire. It focuses on stressful psychological challenges we all can have as well as on memory issues so many face especially as they get older. (more below)

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The intention for Mental Health and Better Memory is directed to exponentially expand robust mental acuity and processing, and exceptional mental health. It is also designed to maximize all physical/mental/spiritual and emotional conscious or subconscious, self-enhancing beliefs or self-beneficial programs that improve the attainment of exceptional mental health and memory.  This broadcast intends that recipients:
  • Significantly reduce inflammation and maintain body and brain to be completely free from inflammation and, to consciously and willingly avoid anything toxic or inflammatory.
  • Trust this intention process to manifest a healthier and happier mental wellbeing - and a clear, focused, and reliable memory.
  • Significantly optimize and nurture their microbiome for healthy balance and a fully functioning endocrine and immune system
  • Provide their brain with the raw materials needed to stimulate neurogenesis and support neuroplasticity, ensuring their brain is strong, resilient, and is constantly growing new brain cells and connections to support healthier and happier mental wellbeing and a significantly improved, and reliable memory.
  • Highly oxygenate the blood to meet the brain and body’s needs, providing sufficient energy for all activities
  • ... and much more.