Financial Abundance and Prosperity Intention

This intention will apply to any desire you have for greater and more sustainable financial well-being. This intention is not about greed! Prosperity should not be thought of as a “lesser” intention, since financial needs can often stir up physical and mental issues. Your greater good financially is the focus here. (more below)

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This intention directs that material abundance and financial prosperity be manifest into the circumstances of broadcast recipients such that they are able to live a brilliant, vital, happy and helpful life to the benefit of themselves and others. The intention also directs that all physical/mental/spiritual/emotional, conscious and subconscious, self-enhancing and beneficial beliefs be maximized towards the attainment of financial abundance and prosperity, and that those beliefs will enable the realization of each recipient’s full potential for an abundant and prosperous life.  This broadcast intends that recipients have:
  • An ever-increasing awareness of the consistent Divine prosperity and abundance in their life
  • The motivation to continuously seek, invite, welcome and positively respond to, opportunities for manifesting and increasing abundance in their life to meet all their needs
  • An improved ability and enhanced desire to consistently and considerately, through their thoughts and actions, manifest and selflessly share their abundance and prosperity so they become a freely flowing channel of Divine abundance for self and others.
  • ... and more.