How This Group Is Using Subtle Energy To Benefit Our World

In a deep meditative state, with the purest of heartfelt intention, conscious human intention has been directed to entangle these digitised information signatures with the man-made electromagnetic distortions in our natural world.

These digitised information signatures are broadcast to harmonise electromagnetic distortions, to revitalise and enhance health, vitality, well-being, compassion, forgiveness, understanding, a greater sense of interconnection with all life, and the remembrance that at the fundemental level, we are all truly One.

Science Overview

There is now insurmountable evidence showing the power of human intention to affect physical reality. Dr. William Tiller’s work continues to prove that human intention can affect matter and that intention can be successfully imprinted and stored into a device for broadcast. Connectivity also harnesses the information entanglement processes to expand greater results on a large or macroscopic scale.

At present it is difficult for the majority to perceive and reconcile the effects human intention has on both properties of material (inorganic and organic: non-living and living) on what we call physical matter. Decades of experimental work by Dr. Tiller and his team have discovered that there is not just one level of physical reality but there are two levels of physical reality. It is this new level of physical reality, the magnetic information wave that can be significantly influenced by human intention and not our familiar electric atom/molecule level.