Inner Evolution Summit

The Science of Mind, Consciousness and Healing

Conference Participant’s – Buy 3 months of the Physical Intention Broadcast, get 3 months free – A $300 value for only $150

Why do we offer 3 free months?

Research shows that on average, most people begin to see results in the first 6 months. Some people will notice things immediately, others may not notice till the broadcast ends.

Why are you offering only physical intention?

For the last few years, we have all been focused more than usual on our physical health.

What can I expect from this broadcast?

The physical Health Intention applies to any desire you have for a healthier and stronger physical circumstance regardless of what specific challenge you are facing. The intention is formed around what is the greater good for your total physical well-being. It may sound strange to put it this way, but your intention will know what to do.


I have been getting things done. My procrastination has decreased tremendously. I go through the day of being more organized. It’s not who I used to be at all.

I live at my mother’s house with my son so she is getting the transmission as well.  She is happier and reaching out more to her friends, is less aggressive, and she has lost 30 lbs over the last 3 months.