Tiller Concepts Explained

Psychoenergetic Science Concepts Explained

Dr Tiller’s Work Explained

Psychoenergetic Science Concepts

Biobodysuit Metaphor

  • Each layer has unique substance and infrastructure
  • The outer 2 layers constitute temporal physical reality
  • The middle shell is non-temporal and could be considered the soul
  • The layer infrastructure and coupling between layers largely determine the state of wellness of The Whole Person

“Ultimately, this is what present and future medicine must deal with in its attempt to serve the health needs of the whole person”
– (W A Tiller)

Intention and its Path of Action

An illustration of one possible pathway whereby spirit produces action in the physical domain, through the emotion domain.

Higher Dimensional Framework

Illustration representing a particular biconformal base-space (8D) for expressing physical reality embedded in the higher dimensional domains of reality.

Nodal Network

Illustrative plan view of the 3 nodal networks:

     (a) In a perfectly ordered state

     (b) In the normally disordered state (except for the mind domain network, the smallest hexagonal grid). The proposed scale size change from network to network is ~10.


A higher dimensional level of substance, labeled deltrons (from the domain of emotion) and falling outside the constraints of relativity theory, is presumed to be able to move at velocities greater than the speed of light and thus act as a coupling agent between the electric monopole (D-space) types of substance and magnetic types of substance (R-space). It is the deltron-deltron interaction that allows this coupling to occur.

Conditioned Space Illustrated

Our experimental work of the 1997-2000 period showed, unequivocally, that human consciousness, in the form of specific human intentions, can robustly alter the properties of materials as illustrated here.

R-space, D-space

Nature has two levels of physical reality, not one: Our conventionally understood space-time (D-space) and another reciprocal coarse physical vacuum (R-space), which can be viewed as the empty space between the fundamental electrical particles that make up our normal electric atoms and molecules. It is this R-space which is embedded in an overall reality consisting of the higher dimensional domains of emotion, mind, and spirit and which is significantly influenced by human consciousness, specifically intention.

R-space, D-space Illustrated

The mask with holes (top, white boxes) is our D-space object and the diffracted wave intensity pattern focused onto a screen is intimately connected to its R-space counterpart (bottom, black boxes). As size goes up in one, it goes down in the other; as separation increases in one, it decreases in the other; as clockwise rotation occurs in one, equal counterclockwise rotation occurs in the other and shape changes in a particular direction for one leads to changes in the perpendicular direction for the other.

De Broglie’s Wave Pilot Concept

The de Broglie particle/pilot wave concept of the 1920’s, for which he won a Nobel Prize, proposed that every particle had a group wave envelope enclosing it and moving at the particle’s velocity. Faster than EM-light, c, unseen pilot waves of the physical vacuum move through the group from left to right at velocity vw>c.

Relevant Psychoenergetic Science and Tillerian Physics Concepts Tutorial

Discovering the Power of Human Intention

Science & Human Transformation Subtle Energies, Intentionality and Consciousness
2005 Interview with Margaret Blackwell

Some Tiller Working Hypotheses
Written in 2013, soon before Dr Tiller retired from his psychoenergetic science career, he defined four of his most important working hypotheses 

Conditioned Space Paper
Towards General Experimentation and Discovery in “Conditioned” Laboratory Spaces