Published Works

Early Papers & Articles
1970s 1980s and 1990s

Early Papers & Articles

1970s 1980s  and 1990s


#1 – Radionics, Radiestesia and Physics-1971

#2 – A.R.E. Fact-finding Trip to the Soviet Union- 1972

#3 – A Technical Report on Some Psychoenergetic Devices- 1972

#6 – Some Energy Field Observations of Man and Nature -1974

#7 – Some Physical Network Characteristics of Acupuncture Points and Meridians -1972

#8 – Consciusness, Radiation and the Developing Sensory System-1972

#9 – Corona Discharge Photography-1973

#10 – The Light Source in High-Voltage Photography-1973

#11 – Some Psychoenergetic Experiments in Russia-1972

#12 – Devices for Monitoring Nonphysical Energies-1974

#13 – Disease as a Biofeedback Device for the Transformation of Man-1973

#14 – Unveiling the Mysteries of Kirlian Photography-1974

#15 – The Colors in Kirlian Photography Fact or Artifact-1976

#16 – A Scientist Bridges Two Worlds (interview SOM) -1974

#17 – Energy Fields and the Human Body-1974

#18 – Psychoenergetic Field Studies Using a Bio-Mechanical Transducer-1974

#19 – Are Psychoenergetic Pictures Possible-1974

#20 – Towards a Kirlian Device for Monitoring Physiological State Part I, Device Considerations

#21 – Commencement Address, California Institute of Asian Studies. Three Relationships of Man-1974

#22 – (The Simulator and the Being) – Three Relationships of Man; Proceedings fo the Association for Research and Enlightenment’s Medical Symposium-1976

#23 – The Positive and Negative Space-Time Frames as Conjugate Systems-1976

#24 – Kirlian Photography Its Scientific Foundations and Future Potential

#25 – Some Ideas on Healing in the World of Appearances-1977

#26 – New Fields, New Laws (book copy)-1976

#27 – Kirlian Photography as an Electro-Therapeutics Research Tool-1976

#28 – Present Scientific Understanding of the Kirlian Discharge Process (Progress in Understanding)-1976&1979

#29 – Field Effects, Acupuncture Points, and Meridians-1977

#30 – Commentary on the Phantom Leaf Effect-1977

#31 – Rationale for an Energy Medicine-1978

#32 – Future Medical Therapeutics Based Upon Controlled Energy Fields-1976

#33 – Towards a Future Medicine Based on Controlled Energy Fields-1977

#34 – Towards a Medicine of Subtle Energies-1977

#35 – Dielectric Response in Human Skin

#36 – A Lattice Model of Space (in Phoenix publication)-1977

#37 – Creating a New Functional Model of Body Healing Energies-1979

#38 – The Simulator and the Being-1977

#39 – The Scientific Foundations of Kirlian Photography as a Medical Diagnostic Tool-1978

#40 – A Multidimensional View-1978

#41 – A Rationale for the Potentizing Process in Homeopathic Remedies-1979

#42 – A Rationale for the Homeopathic ‘Law of Similars’-1979

#43 – Index of Refraction Measurements for a Superluminal Radiation-1977

#44 – Towards the Discrimination of Subtle Energies-1978

#45 – Two Space-Time Mirror-like Universes, Some Consequences for Humanity-1978

#46 – Positive-Negative Space-Time Energies (Q & A with Dr. Carlton)-1977

#47 – A Lattice Model of Space-1978


#48 – On the Explanation of Electrodermal Diagnostic and Treatment Instruments, Part I Electrical Beharior of Human Skin-1982

#49 – Homeopathy, A Laboratory for Etheric Science (published version)-1983

#50 – Towards a Scientific Rationale of Homeopathy-1984

#51 – Forward to ‘The Science of Homeopathy’-

#52 – Forward contribution to ‘Parapsychology and Contemporary Science’-1982

#53 – Preface to ‘Stalking the Wild Pendulum’-1977

#54 – What do Electrodermal Diagnostic Acupuncture Instruments Really Measure-1987

#55 – On the Evolution of Electrodermal Diagnostic Instruments-1988

#56 – Forward to ‘Vibrational Medicine’-1988

#57 – Towards the Development of a Mathematical Model for Acupuncture Meridians-1989

#58 – On the Evolution and Future Development of Electrodermal Disgnostic Instruments-1989

#59 – A Dynamic Systems Approach to Modeling Meridians and Ki-1989


#60 – A Gas Discharge Device for Investigating Focussed Human Attention-1990

#61 – What are Subtle Energies-1993

#62 – Subtle Energies in Energy Medicine-1995

#63 – New Electrophysiological Correlates Associated with Intentional Heart Focus-1995

#64 – Towards Explaining Anomalously Large Body Voltage Surges on Exceptional Subjects, Part I-1995

#65 – The Effects of Emotions on Short-Term Power Spectrum Analysis of Heart Rate Variability-1995

#66 – Cardiac Coherence, A New, Noninvasive Measure Of Autonomic Nervous System Order-1996

#67 – Electrophysiological Correlates of Positive Emotions, Three Patterns of Sympathovagal Balance in Normal Subjects-1997

#68 – Commentary on Larry Dossey MDs But is it Energy… and Healing, Energy and Consciousness…-1994

#69 – Mathematical Modeling as a tool for Basic Research in Acupuncture-1997

#73 – Towards a Predictive Model of Subtle Domain Connections to the Physical Domain Aspect of Reality …-1999

#74 – Electronic Device-Mediated pH Changes in Water-1999

#75 – Towards Objectifying Intention Via Electronic Devices-1999

#76 – Subtle Energies-1999

#80 – Exploring robust interactions between human intention and inanimate animate systems-1999

#89, The electricity of touch, detection and measurement of cardiac energy exchange between people-1998

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