A New Science

A New Science to Help Your Child
Autism Expert Suzy Miller and Stanford Emeritus Professor William Tiller developed a new approach to address ASD

A New Science to Help Your Child

As a parent of a child diagnosed with ASD, you are faced daily with many challenges as to how best to care for your child and to determine the most helpful treatments which may help his or her condition. This can be a very frustrating, confusing, and stressful process. While there are many pharmaceutical offerings and various therapies on the market, many parents seek more natural/alternative support to help their autistic children develop.

Autism Expert Suzy Miller and Stanford Emeritus Professor William Tiller developed a new approach to autism. In their model, some of the communication, speech, sociability, and sensory and cognitive awareness difficulties that children, teenagers and ASD adults experience may be due to a separation or lack of integration of the energy field around the person. Dr. Tiller’s approach is to integrate the energy fields for the person to facilitate greater ease in communicating, socializing, and in sensory cognitive awareness.

One way to understand this is to think about when you are very stressed—you don’t hear as well, communicate as well, or see things as clearly as you do when you are not stressed. When stressed, your energy fields lack integration. For most of us, when we de-stress, our energy field returns to a normal or integrated state.

Dr. Tiller and Ms. Miller applied their understanding of the autistic condition and paired it with the most cutting edge informational therapeutic techniques to offer a service for parents and autistic children which is not locale-specific (can be administered remotely), and is all natural with no supplements.

Any parent of or educator working with children diagnosed with ASD can attest that this population clearly has their attention somewhere else.

They appear to be preoccupied with something outside of what others around them can perceive. Have you ever wondered where they are focused? What if we could support them from that energetic realm? The physics of Dr. Tiller’s Intention Science takes us directly to where the “problem” can be addressed. In the case of ASD, that place is beyond the physical realm of human neurology, psychology, and physiology.

A pilot study Led by Dr. Tiller utilized an Intention Host Device (IHD) imprinted with a specific intention to assist ASD individuals, located around the globe, to integrate into their physical bodies to improve functioning in the physical domain.

Pilot study participants noticed improvements in areas of Communication, Sociability, Awareness and/or Behavior and a reduction of stress related symptoms in themselves. The study broadcast was NOT diagnostic in nature and was in no way intended to be a substitute or replacement for medical care/therapies. It was a compliment to the current therapies that parent and child received and which resulted in improved effectiveness.

This same technology is now available to others via our ASD and ASD Caregiver broadcast service.