The Tiller Foundation

Who We Are

In 2015 Dr William A Tiller, professor emeritus, Stanford University, founded The Tiller Foundation to carry forward the decades of his work on Intention Science. Today the Foundation honors his remarkable legacy empowered by his overall intention to help make this world a better place for all.

Our Mission

Preserve, advance and promote the Psychoenergetic Science research of Dr. William Tiller through partnerships with educational institutions and subtle-energy pioneers to address human challenges and enhance the consciousness of humankind.

Use the Power of Intention for your highest good

Helping all of us “become in tune with this great power” is what physicist Dr. William Tiller’s life and work is all about. The first step in accessing this power is to understand that it is available to us all. No one is excluded.

Enhance Prosperity

Focus on a greater and more sustainable financial wellbeing.

Autism Alternative

Improve behaviors, social-emotional functioning and cognitive processes for ASD children and adults. Decrease anxiety and depression for ASD Caregivers.

Improved Physical Health

Strengthen your total physical wellbeing regardless of what specific challenges you are facing.

Improved Mind/Memory

Decrease stressful psychological challenges and promote a healthier and happier mental wellbeing.

How Intentions Work

See how Intentions have helped others just like you!

For the first time I planted flowers on the patio – a way to nurture myself. To my surprise, my husband (not in the study) bought me a necklace. When I asked why he got it for me, he said because I was happier.  He then hung out on the patio with me and my gardening friend – he never does that.

I spoke with my husband about the crazy activity schedule of my daughter and how it’s affecting our entire family time on the weekends. I said that we had to make choices and that family time was important too.  The next day he bought flowers for me. I like speaking my inner truth.

I have been getting things done. My procrastination has decreased tremendously. I go through the day of being more organized. It’s not who I used to be at all.


Autism & Intentions

Dr. Tiller’s intention broadcasts for parents of children diagnosed with ASD significantly reduce parental-perceived stress in caring for their child while significantly increasing the degree of positive interactions that they have with their child.

Intention broadcasts for ASD children and adults can reduce misalignment between an individual’s physical, mental and spiritual bodies to substantially reduce any personality obstacles between their physical and non-physical bodies.

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You now have the freedom to create an intention statement and imprint your own device. Place it in your home, work space, meditation area or any other location you choose.